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New pets need all of the help they can get to stay healthy. Make the animal hospital your first stop.

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Are vaccines important?

Necessary vaccines

Kind administration

Vaccinations for your pet are an integral part of every puppy or kitten's life and wellness. Vaccines are the best way to keep your pet safe from harmful diseases.

Be sure your pet has been vaccinated



•  Bordetella

•  Rabies

We care about your pet's comfort as if it were our own. We're always sure to administer vaccinations as gently as we can because we pay attention to your pet's feelings.

Avoid illness later

More than just a vet

Keep track of your pet

Providing your pet with vaccines when they're young prevents them from getting sick later in life. Vaccinations should be the first thing you take care of when you get a new pet.

When you're in need of more than just medical help, Clark Road Animal Hospital is there to provide you with round-the-clock care when you can't be there. See more about our boarding.

Your pet means the world to you, and we understand that. Micro-chipping your pet is a good idea at a young age so they'll never lose track of where home is.

Be sure to keep up with your pet's vaccinations!

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